Treat the Rose


on Treating your rose

Gifts are never expected, always appreciated. Do you have a specific outfit request that I don’t already have in my repertoire? Planning ahead has many perks…

Lingerie: 32E/34DD, size medium garterbelts and bottoms

Dress: size 4 or 6 depending on style

Small or medium tops, medium bottoms. Size 6 pants.

I have a Net-A-Porter wishlist which I try to update every so often. If it seems out of date or you’d like to play it even safer, a giftcard goes a long way.

If you’d like to encourage my lingerie habit, Journelle is a dream.

Etsy giftcards will keep me wearing unique styles and supporting my art habit.

Of course, Amazon will cover most other bases.

I also have a terrible art history and poetry chap book habit, though admittedly I might need a new bookshelf more than more books… And as for wine: I’m never disappointed with a well aged Bordeaux, a fruit-forward sweet Riesling, or earthy White Burgundy.


I’ve been lucky to work alongside brilliant babes doing sex worker advocacy with Bay Area Workers Support; donations are always sought and welcome - your support means the world.

I also recommend supporting these organizations:

St. James Infirmary

Lysistrata Mutual Care Collective & Fund

Planned Parenthood