Day Dreams

or: date ideas

From the classic dinner (with private dessert) date, to something a little more… off the cuff. I’ve had my eye on these spots, though, make no mistake: I’m always excited to hear about your own favorite little hole-in-the-wall, a sentimental spot, or a new treat you’ve been saving to share with someone. But for the gent who likes to grant wishes…


Waterbar is a any seafood lovers’ delight, located right along the water in San Francisco with an incredible view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Let’s watch glorious sunsets over a classic oysters and champagne pairing before turning in for the evening.

Haven’t you heard? Oysters are an aphrodisiac…

I’ve been hearing people sing the praises of Lazy Bear for ages. A communal dining experience, the tasting menu is apparently to die for and I love exchanging knowing glances as we finish dinner just in time to head back to the hotel for our own private dessert… Or, we could indulge ourselves with a pre-dinner romp and end the evening in their late-night accommodations, the Lazy Bear Den, which is available after 9:30pm with a la carte options.


Perhaps we’re just out for a nightcap to toast to a delicious evening? Bourbon & Branch is a bona fide speakeasy bar located right under our noses in the Tenderloin, nearby some of my favorite hotel stays in the city. One must have a reservation or know the secret password (no, I’m afraid I don’t know it… yet) and is as high quality as it is high intrigue. As one might have heard back in the day: Join this choice bit of calico out on the town; let’s dress to the nines and sneak out to our local speak!


Traveling Dreams

to be continued…


Worldwide Dreams

To be continued…