Shared Day Dreams

or: date ideas



San Francisco may be my home but that doesn’t mean there’s not more to explore. If you’re visiting or we want to play hometown-tourist, here are some sights and bites I’m interested in exploring:

Let’s dress to the nines and visit a historical speakeasy bar, whose cocktails I’ve heard lauded by even the pickiest.

Join me for a psychedelic excursion to Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze, then let’s stumble over to Fog Harbor to catch our balance.

Is it too gimmicky to bring a Rose to the Conservatory of Flowers? Well, I’m shameless, so let’s go. On a similar note, there’s also a Garden of Fragrance

With a name like Unreal Garden, do I even need to explain? We’ll rediscover reality over dinner at Villon.

Being an unrelenting foodie means I’ve been drooling after tasting menus like Atelier Crenn, Avery and Lazy Bear — I’ll never say no if you want to introduce me to the chef who has your heart, though.

ideas for the intrepid reader

I can find joy in the simple things, but you and I both know there’s more to life than that.

Iceland is very high on my must-visit list. The Blue Lagoon is something out of my wildest, most lux dreams.

Let’s meet in Paris for a tour of the National Library of France and then find a dark corner to read in before exploring the city of lights (and cheese).

I’ve dreamed of maid cafes in Tokyo since I was young and impressionable - but there’s also some incredible bars, owl cafes, and enough fish to leave me in the happiest food coma. There’s no end to the magic in Japan, and this Wisteria Tunnel is something I’d like to see to believe.

Play tourist with me at the Carousel Bar in New Orleans.

You may notice I’m a bit of a bookworm, because I’m dying to make eyes at someone between the pages at The Last Bookstore in LA.

New York City is one of my very favorite cities and while it may be popular, that’s not for lack of imagination — will you treat us both to some world-class theatre such as Then She Fell or Sleep No More? Will we slurp oysters in the garden of Maison Premiere? Wander the city streets looking for a fresh pretzel or grab a slice before ducking into a gorgeous underground bar we’ll never find again? Maybe I should just write a blog post of my NYC fantasies…

More dreams to come. Or, email me with your dream dates.