As a practicing bisexual, I’m always excited to show off my friends. My remarks always said, “Plays well with others.”

Delphine - Bay Area

Two sets of bright eyes stare from petite, kinky and curvaceous packages. Our pale skin and dark curls aren’t the only things that match — we’re two nice Jewish girls with sweet smiles and devious minds, and we play very nicely together.

Cayce Marlowe - nyc

Long, lithe and lustrous, Cayce is a sight for sore eyes. Classically trained and whip-smart, see those long legs or pixie haircut and you’re sure to fall hard. Having moved from SF, we have a candidly close dynamic, and love any excuse to soak up more time together.

Josie Qu - chicago

What’s better than two curvy sweethearts to chat art history, style and cuisine with? Two, obviously. Josie is a complete darling and I love any excuse to see her when she visits (and vice versa.) Bring us together for a bit of role play and drinks in, or a night on the town.

luna lovewell - nyc

Curvaceous and clever with a lush and libertine soul, Luna looks as good commanding above you as bantering at eye level. We were fast friends and I never miss an excuse to get up to trouble. Though at separate coasts, we both travel on occasion.

Josephine vaughn - nYC

Does classic beauty, poise and charm pique your interest? Jo is everything she says she is — “Fetish with Finesse” and more. We’re a perfect fit for a classic double date or if you desire at least one formidable femme for an unforgettable evening.

Peyton AlexandER - vancouver

Located in Vancouver, BC, Peyton is a woman of many talents. An excellent cook, witty wordsmith and playful paramour, we immediately hit it off. She visits San Francisco on lucky occasions, though I always love an excuse to visit our northern neighbors.