Books & Blogs

[editor’s note: This was first posted on an early version of a website on August 25th, 2018 and has been cross-posted here for posterity.]

Well, here we are -- I've been working on blogs, concocting subjects and waxing poetic, for a little while now. It's time to take the plunge and post here. I'm a bit scattered and out of practice writing for an audience, so any patience you have to spare is appreciated.

My mission, should I choose to accept it? To use my writing experience (and give you a taste of my brain.) My weapon? Blog posts. Hello, world.

If you came to my house, you might get an idea of my voracious appetite. I have a library that spills all over my apartment no matter how many book shelves I keep adding. When I reach a new level of excess, I end up with piles of (artfully-stacked) books taking up more than their fair share of real estate. If we've met, you might guess (or know) that I always have a book in my purse, and I'm lucky enough that some of the wonderful people that I meet through this work personally supplement my library. (If you're wondering... art and cultural history books are my current addiction. And anything leather-bound or with that "old book smell".)

In college I took so many writing and literature courses that my academic advisor suggested I add a Writing minor to my degree, which I had practically completed the requirements for of my own volition. As a result of my "bad" habit, I've always got something to talk about; when we're new to each other and I'm feeling shy I might start with the weather (I'm from New England, where that's considered a riveting topic) or ask about day-to-day excitements. Once we've touched on our shared interests I can go on and on, and I love to hear about the latest book you couldn't put down.

There's something about physical books that is so undeniably compelling. I've never been able to get into e-readers (though I'm eyeing them for when I can't lug my library around while traveling) as they lack the necessary tactile experience. Holding an open book, flipping pages, taking notes if I'm reading it for academic pursuit - it's all part of the charm. Magazines and newspapers satisfy a similar urge, though I've probably already read their contents online by the time I get to them.

And as much as technology is changing things around us, I have faith that physical books will remain an option. While e-books and posting things online is great for keeping overhead costs and environmental impact down, there will always be a demand to hold a book in your hands and to flip the pages manually, dog-earring your favorite pages and taking notes in the margins.

Until next time, darlings.