$900 up to an hour and a half

$1200 two hours

$1800 three hours

$2200 four hours

$3000 six hours

$5000 overnight, with plenty of time for dinner, dessert, & breakfast in bed

Please note that an hour and a half is my minimum booking.

Preferential rates are given to multi-day excursions and to luxuriating dates that help fulfill my day dreams. Travel dates are an option for the already-acquainted. Please inquire! I’m happy to answer any logistical questions.

In-session extensions are available when they work with my schedule, please be prepared with the additional $500 hourly fee, or ready to take a stroll to the ATM.


Water the Rose

Are you ready to meet?

Once you’re interested in meeting, send me a love note (via my handy contact form) with what dates and times you’re interested in booking for our date, a quick intro and your references so we can get started with screening right away! For all new acquaintances I require 24-hours notice so as to check references with ample time to hear back, and so I can be fully refreshed and polished for our date. If we have met before or you have been pre-screened, I am available for spontaneous dates when my busy schedule allows.

Please make sure you read my gratuities and arrangements page and the details below before reaching out. Xo!

The Devil’s in the Details

(See also: Etiquette)

Please read before booking.

Dates over 3 hours must include an outing of some kind, and a meal — I’m more bubbly when my blood sugar isn’t neglected. Overnights follow similar decorum and will necessitate I get at least 6 hours of beauty rest, despite our connection.

For all incall requests, our dates require a $150 deposit paid ahead of time. I have several available options to accommodate!

I’m available for incalls in Downtown San Francisco, near Union Square. My outcall availability is flexible, but outside of San Francisco or Oakland requires a travel fee dependent on the distance. I’m available to meet at your upscale hotel or, if we have met before or you have two provider references, at your private residence.

Timing is everything, as they say: I can accommodate up to 15 minutes of late arrival, but past that will take time out of our date. I’m a stickler for timing myself, but promise to stay

The more the merrier

I'm enthusiastically bisexual and adore duos (and more!), so don't hesitate to request one. I'm happy to meet your friends or introduce you to mine, and as with my civilian practice of non-monogamy, I love sharing. I have a two hour minimum appointment for all duos (though I encourage excess for everyone’s sake) and duo rates are my standard rates + our companion's standard rates.


For screening I require two references of providers you have recently seen, or if you’re a first-timer and want to share your first experiences with me, I can take work information, such as your Linkedin account and government issued ID. Please understand that I take my safety and yours very seriously and will ask for all pertinent information, and only accept dates with people who respect that. I am able to accommodate special privacy concerns via an NDA, should the occasion arise.


Cancellations done less than 24-hours advance will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee, and in addition, No-Call No-Shows will require a full deposit if you should wish to see me following that incident.


In case you have a lovely time and would like to tell the world, please keep in mind that I am not soliciting reviews on any boards, and will appreciate if you respect my discretion.

100% Non-Discrimination Policy

I am excited to see people of every gender, race, mobility, sexuality, and age (so long as you are over 21!) and will gladly accommodate individual needs when requested.


I dress to any occasion and will always arrive fresh and ready for our time! I ask the same courtesy in exchange. Please arrive fresh and attentive when at all possible, or avail yourself of my shower and fresh towels upon your arrival. If you're hosting us, please take time before or at the beginning of our date. It will be amply worth the attention to detail!

Last but not least — the gratuity for my time must be presented at the very beginning of our date, in an unsealed envelope. In private, I request it be left in clear sight on the bathroom counter. If we’re meeting in public, please present it in a celebratory card (you can choose whether it's my birthday, graduation, or other occasion!) or inside a book or gift bag within the first 5 minutes. Let's get the business out of the way so we can spend the rest of the date completely enamored, shall we?